Being a sheep … bah!

Been a good long while since I put anything down here, and more often than not I only do this when I am thinking about some of the bigger things in life … like now.


The past season has been so immense on so many levels, but sadly not on the ones that really matter to me, or should I qualify what that a little, the ones that have come to mean the most to me. At present I feel overwhelmed and just not in my zone … at all …


There are a number of reasons, but in most cases these are just excuses and listing them only allows them more runtime, they have had enough of that already.


So, I always talk about change being the only constant in life, and a while ago someone said to me that although change happens, there can be constant ways that change happens, and I have been thinking about that a lot the past while … makes me see how much of a sheep I actually am.


I am challenged to do something I have not done, some proper change that is outside of my comfort zone or control, there will be life there that I do desire, and I feel the time is near.


Sheep … over and out!