I am on a business trip, as I so often am. Sitting having some Thai and a glass of very good red, and can’t help but be almost overwhelmed at where I am in my life right now. Amazing family, great opportunities both personally and professionally, and to add I understand some of the key elements in life that really make a difference (just to add “some” as others still work in progress … but I am good with that too!).


I have not felt “drive” like I do at present in a very very long time, and it’s been really bugging me why I am so “blergh” towards my life. After all it is the biggest gift I will ever receive, and I know this too. Mustn’t waste a moment of it … know that too. Well in my head I have known that for flappin ages, but things just have not been clicking for a long time. You can’t fake that “clicking” thing in life, you may try tell yourself you can, but you are just journeying around the mountain called “truth”!


So this process of me taking ownership of my “whole” life, where I have been, what I have done and where I am etc etc etc … I accept you thing called “life”, and I am choosing a whole new journey to start for me now. No idea where that leads, but the return of the mojo is here, and about bloody time too!


Watch this space … the space that getting filled!