Becoming Intentional

The past while has been a wishy-washy mixture of slack and productive for me personally, with zero special focus or formula being applied to anything that’s going on in my life. I seem to be dealing with things that come up in no particular order and certainly not according to any priority model either. I am a little OCD (if you don’t know what that is you need to look it up yourself) and like to have a structure and process for the way most things work in my life, so this haphazard approach to things has been bothering me somewhat …


I spent some time over the weekend thinking about this, and realised that my lack of attention to this area is consuming time and wasting energy. I am also in the process of simplifying all areas of my life so to speak, so it’s a big thing for me this wasting time and energy on slackness. I guess it boils down to choices, and putting in the energy to make the right choices even when I feel slack.


The first choice for me is to adjust my thought process about things, not always so easy when a lot of that is driven by my attitude. That attitude can be a beast of a thing, especially when the slackness feeds it! So get rid of the slackness in all areas, then the attitude has no excuse and my thought process responds well too, that in turn allows me to think clearly about all things, and this becomes the cycle of right living for me. Productivity rises and I have more time for other things that I love … certainly keen on that!


So I have kinda worked it out, the trigger for me is to become intentional with my slackness and my thoughts, they will drive my actions and that in turn big portions of my life!