A Full Measure of Love Today

Eden Mae Webb – A Full Measure of Love Today


I have been staring at my computer screen for well over an hour, thinking about the events of the past day, wiping away tears (of relief and joy I may add) and just trying to decide on how to put some of this into some kind of words.

There is so much in my head, a major part of me wants to say nothing as it is just simpler, but after the day I have just experienced, I can’t say nothing! It’s just not right …

Today the God of the Universe saved my wife and newborn baby, not an indirect save, a very intentional and direct save! I can see the hand of God in today from months ago already (that’s another story all together), and I am truly humbled and so very blessed! I leave today totally aware of how temporary life really is and how quickly it can change right in front of you!

So here is some more information for those who don’t already know … Carmen went into labor ward with contractions and a few hours later was progressing in labor as expected. The nurse & gynae were doing their thing until that moment when they knew things were not going to plan … Carmen and I both knew it instantly!

Next thing Carmen is being rushed in for an emergency c-section only to discover that she has a badly ruptured uterus. Our baby daughter Eden was positioned in such a way that she was blocking the blood flow in 2 main arteries around the uterus and saved Carmen’s life. Had natural birth been pursued for more than an extra few minutes, they both would not have made it! Had Eden moved whilst on the way to┬átheatre, they both would not have made it. On 2 occasions they were both less than 3 minutes away from certain death!

These are not my statements, but that of the 2 gynaes that did the c-section and follow-on operations with Carmen. They have over 50 years experience delivering baby’s combined, and neither have ever seen this. They have only read about it in text books, never experienced in real life and certainly not practised how to deal with it!

So I end the day very grateful to my Father who loves me and looked after my family today, very grateful to all the loved ones and friends who showed your support. Being loved is an amazing gift, something that more people in the world need to experience … we experienced it in full measure today … thank you!